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Our Suppliers

Suppliers of products and services, to us at Lojas Renner S.A., are strategic partners for the development and strengthening of an ecosystem based on quality, agility, innovation, cooperation, and sustainability.

The relationship we build is guided by trust, ethics, transparency, respect, and a continuous effort to deliver products and services that enchant our customers.

Each piece here has a history. A history that translates the attention given at each stage: from the choice of raw materials through the care taken in the production to the arrival at our stores. And it is by means of the work done by our suppliers that the enchantment reaches our customers.

How to become a supplier?

To become a supplier of Lojas Renner S.A. it is essential to agree with all the company’s values, meet the minimum supply requirements, ensure the application of all items of the Code of Conduct for Suppliers and agree to the clauses of the Purchase Agreement – Trade / Factory.

We wish to point out that Lojas Renner S.A. reserves the right to not contract services, as well as to break or not set up a commercial relationship with suppliers who fail to meet the criteria described.

Access the prerequisites here:

Renner, Youcom and Ashua’s resellers Camicado’s Reseller Administrative

If you fit any of these profiles and are interested in becoming a Renner’s, Youcom’s or Ashua’s resale supplier, fill out the pre-registration form below:

Initiatives that enchant our reselling suppliers

Renner Excellence Program

This program aims to promote and encourage the development of the supply chain through performance evaluation of the participant companies. It also recognizes initiatives, products and innovative projects that generate results and new business opportunities.


We pursue quality standards in the products we develop and the services we provide, all to enchant our customers.


We seek an efficient supply chain, who offers competitive products and services, and aim at a continuous improvement.


Our suppliers are business partners, and this relationship is guided by ethics, transparency, and flexibility, collaborating in a productive ecosystem.


Supplier, in our chain, shall be responsible, always acting within the best social/environmental practices and aiming at an eco-effective management.


We strive for a supply chain that has initiative and proposes innovative solutions for the business.

Recognizing suppliers who stood out in the PER takes place at our Supplier Convention. We also present, in this event, the Company’s strategic guidelines for the coming year. Meet the companies that have already been a highlight:


Baduchi (Knitwear), Água Viva (Jeans and Sarja), Glover Confecções (Beachwear), Inter Têxtil (Lingerie), MW do Brasil (Accessories), Portal Brasil (Beauty/Alchemia), Orient Relógios (Beauty/Watches), Cataguases (Flat Fabric), Bebecê Calçados (Footwear)


DDX (Knitwear), Água Viva (Jeans and Sarja), Glover Confecções (Beachwear), Inter Têxtil (Lingerie), Selene (Accessories), Casartesanal (Beauty/Alchemia), Lupo (Third Brand), Kabriolli (Flat Fabric), Martin e Martins Footwear (Footwear)


Baduchi (Knitwear), Água Viva (Jeans and Sarja), Glover Confecções (Beachwear), Akik (Lingerie), MW do Brasil (Accessories), Lupo (Third Brand), Crisbel (Footwear)

Other projects and actions

Global Supplier Performance Index

Global Supplier Performance Index is the main indicator by which Lojas Renner S. A. monitors the performance of the clothing, footwear, jewelry, and accessories supply chain. The index aims at the ongoing improvement of processes and is an important tool for business management.

Production Chain

Partnership between Lojas Renner S.A. and Sebrae (Brazilian Support Service for micro and small companies). The purpose of the Production Chain is to develop small companies that are part of our ecosystem, with actions aimed at improving productivity, quality, on-time delivery, and sustainability.

Renner University for Suppliers

The development of our suppliers is as important to us as that of our employees. Therefore, the Renner University for Suppliers was designed so that everyone has access to contents that encourage continuous learning.

Our Suppliers