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Marketplace is a platform that allows multiple sellers to advertise their products, providing a greater variety of options in one place for consumers to choose. Lojas Renner S.A. is a leading fashion and lifestyle ecosystem in omnichannel retail and has one of the largest brands in Brazil. To expand the range of products and categories offered, we have two marketplaces: Alameda Renner and Marketplace Camicado. Get to know each of them:

Alameda Renner brings together partner stores in one place that expand product categories, opportunities for customers to find what they are looking for more easily, practically and safely.

With this, we gain experience and offer a shopping journey more connected with consumer desires, with more options for all styles and with the enchantment that our customers deserve.

The Camicado marketplace is the largest home and decoration platform in Brazil and the first targeted to the segment, with more than 500 sellers selected. We integrate an ecosystem that connects your company and its products with millions of customers in our physical stores and digital channels, offering complete services and solutions in a simple and agile way.

Exclusive advantages in both brands!

Qualified audience

+80 million visits and +23 million active users per month.

Installment on Renner Cards

Customers take their products and can split up to 7x without interest on Renner Cards.

Wide dissemination

Your products will reach more people with our advertising on marketing platforms and affiliates.

No initial investment

We only charge commission for sale made, with an attractive percentage for your business.

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