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The management and conduction of the businesses of Lojas Renner S.A. are governed by the sustainability principles for the promotion and delivery of responsible fashion to the society, through the balance between economic, social, environmental, and corporate governance issues in our operations.

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For these principles to be met by all participants in the Company’s value chain, the commitment to SUSTAINABILITY is inserted in the organizational culture:


Mission:To be the best and largest fashion retailer in the Americas for different style consumers from classes A and B, with fashion, quality, competitive prices, and excellence in the services provided. Delighting and innovating, always in a sustainable manner.


Sustainability:our businesses and attitudes are based on this principle. In addition to financial results, we seek social development and a reduction in environmental impacts, acting with the best corporate governance practices at all times.


The Sustainability Committee of Lojas Renner S.A. consists of the HR Board—the Board where Sustainability Management is allocated—and of members appointed by the Board of Directors, with the purpose of advising the Board of Directors itself and setting forth the principles and guidelines related to the Company’s sustainable development.


Approved by the Board of Directors, the Sustainability Policy sets the principles to be met in order to ensure an operation in line with the commitment to sustainable development. Click here to learn more.

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This policy presents the commitment of Lojas Renner S.A. with sustainable development, guiding the management, values ​​and positioning of the Company and all its employees in relation to each of the strategic sustainability guidelines.


Since 1995, the Code of Conduct gives guidance to managers and collaborators on the ethical and socio-environmental responsibility principles to be met in the relationship between Lojas Renner S.A. and its several audiences. Click here to learn more.

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