Corporate Fundamentals


Our accomplishment is to enchant everyone


Deliver the best experience in fashion and lifestyle to the medium/high segment, enchanting our customers with quality products and services at competitive prices, with an innovative and sustainable ecosystem.

business values


It is our accomplishment: We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, doing for them everything we would like them to do for us. We must understand their wishes and needs, exceed their expectations and thus enchant them. We are not mere collaborators; we enchant customers. We do not have a CSC, because each one of us is a CSC: When a problem arises, we solve it immediately.

our way

We are a cheerful, innovative, ethical, austere company, our doors are always open and our communication is easy and transparent. Our things are done in a simple and agile way, with a lot of energy and passion. Our business is driven by persistence, creativity, optimism and proximity to the market.


We hire, develop and maintain the best people, people who like people, who is passionate about what they do and do it happily. We value teamwork and our people have the authority and responsibility to make decisions. We provide the same opportunities so that all employees can develop at the speed of their talents, efforts and results.

business owners

We think and act as owners of our business units and we are rewarded as such. We have a sense of urgency, attitude and aggressiveness when searching for the best practices, leveraging every opportunity available in the market. We make decisions, taking risks with responsibility; we accept mistakes that result in learning without pointing fingers, but looking at what must be corrected. We are responsible for the perpetuation of Renner, mainly with attitudes and examples: An example is worth a thousand words.

obstination for exceptional results

We are responsible for generating results, not only good ideas. They assure our investments, give it back to shareholders, provide our payment and enable our long-term growth and continuity.


We develop and implement standards of excellence in everything we do, because everything is possible to be improved. Our products and services have the highest levels of quality: It is in our DNA.


Our business and attitudes are guided by the principles of sustainability. Along with financial results, we seek social development and the reduction of environmental impacts, always acting within the best corporate governance practices.


Nobody told us it was impossible, so we did it!