About Lojas Renner S.A.

Founded in 1965, the company was the first Brazilian corporation with 100% of the shares traded on the stock exchange and listed on the New Market, the highest level among B3's differentiated levels of corporate governance. Its fashion and lifestyle ecosystem is formed by the following brands: Renner, which has clothes and accessories in different styles; Camicado, a company in the home and decoration segment; Youcom, specialized in young fashion; and ASHUA Curve & Plus Size, which offers clothes in sizes 10 to 16. Currently, more than 600 stores are operating, considering all businesses. The Company also operates with Realize CFI, which supports the retail by offering and managing financial products.

Lojas Renner S.A. is not only present in Brazil with all its brands, it started its internationalization process, launching units in Uruguay in 2017 and in Argentina in 2019.